Compendium Geneeskunde

Compendium Geneeskunde (Compendium Medicine) captures the essence of Medicine in five books. This series of books provides a clear overview of the study of medicine with the help of diagrams, tables and illustrations.

For Compendium 2.0 I designed a fresh new look for the books. It was important that the old Compendium look was still recognizable. That’s why I used the same colors and the same drawings in the design of the new books. For the 5th book a new color had to be invented, it became purple. Besides designing the covers for the Compendium 2.0 books I worked on the design of the inside of the books together with the compendium team. I also made various marketing materials for Compendium Geneeskunde such as a banner, flyer and social media posts.

Rosalie Gubbels 2020